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Advantages of Security Screen Doors

We have all enjoyed a hot Adelaide night but with all the doors shut it doesn’t take long to the house to heat up. So we leave the front door open but STOP, this is just an invitation for the local criminal to come through and help himself to your hard earned possessions. So what to do? Install a security screen door. Security screen doors let us enjoy the cool night breeze but protect us against the criminals who want your belongings or worse.
Southside security doors supply all types of screen doors to suit your home. We customise to your exact requirements to ensure you get the complete protection you want. You choose your grille, your mesh, your lock and colour our experts will guide you in the process to ensure you get the precise fit for your requirements
You may not of considered it but not only do the security screen doors prevent Adelaide undesirables entering your home they increase the health and wellbeing of your family. According to Australian governments healthy home guides
“Poor indoor air quality may produce a range of health effects from mild and generally non-specific symptoms such as headaches, tiredness or lethargy, to more severe effects such as aggravation of asthma and allergic responses.”
Allowing a free flow of air through the home via security screen doors minimises the likelihood of these damaging effects.
A list of benefits of Security screen doors

  • Security from theft
  • Fresh air
  • Sense of wellbeing knowing you are protected from intruders
  • Health benefits
  • A general deterrent
  • Easy exit from home incase of emergency

Crime happens in all parts of Adelaide that’s why security screen doors are must to protect your family even if you feel your neighbourhood is a great place there are criminals lurking in the shadows.
South Australian Police state “Install a quality security screen door to the front and rear doors.” As one of the first things to do in their Home security booklet
We have the latest design innovations to ensure rigid frames and unmovable mesh with extremely durable and weather resistant materials. They are a long lasting, inexpensive solution to keep your home secure. We understand price is always a factor and we can customise and install to any budget.
According to ABS studies 60% of victims stated that either a door or window had been damaged or tampered with in attempt to break in so it pays to invest in a security screen door as the consequences of not strengthening the weak points in your home could be much more costly.
At Southside Security Doors we pride ourselves as having the highest quality products on the market today. With the finest tradespeople in Adelaide we can ensure a product and installation you can trust.
All our Southside Security Screen Doors offer

  • A wide range of frame colours.
  • Our Unique patented manufacturing process.
  • Three point locking mechanism.
  • Customised designs to maximise strength and durability.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Australian standards.

At Southside Security Doors we will consult closely with you when designing choosing and installing you security screen door to ensure the best possible outcome for your home.
With Adelaide’s hot climate no home owner should have to live in fear from an intruder entering your home to steal your possessions or even worse. It is a well know fact that 75% of burglary related crime is opportunistic. Without a security screen door you are presenting an easy point of entrance that may be visible from the street almost inviting someone to take your belongings.
If the safety and health and wellbeing of you and your family is a must security screen doors are an important addition to the family home.
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