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Alspec’s Vision-Gard™

Vision-Gard™ Screens are a new addition to the Alspec range of screening options. Vision-GardTM screens not only secure your home but also provide a degree of privacy from people outside your home looking in. Vision-GardTM screens provide security, privacy and strength, as well as being corrosion resistant and looking great.

Vision-Gard™ Design

Vision-Gard™ Screens utilise a strong (1.6mm thick) aluminium sheet that is perforated and powder coated in Australia to exacting standards. This mesh works by limiting the field of vision for people on the outside looking in. Vision-Gard™ works if there is correct lighting allowing a person on the inside to see outside and not be seen from the visitor’s side.
The mesh has two options for retaining in the frame:
1. Retention with our bespoke Wedge PVC pressure retention system.
2. Retention using rivets into a frame with a covering strip to conceal the rivets.
The resulting screen is strong, extremely resistant to corrosion and provides excellent clarity of vision from the inside looking out.

The Complete Range

Alspec now offers the complete range of screening systems from our top of the range Invisi-Gard® 316 Stainless Steel Security Screens, through to Alu-Gard®, Federation® Cast Panels, Alu-Grille® Diamond Grilles, Vision-GardTM one way vision security screen, fibreglass and aluminium insect screen and all the associated accessories. For a history of great service and quality built products when considering an aluminium screen door system, there’s only one place that has all the solutions – Alspec.
Bushfire Prone Areas
Vision-Gard™ complies with the mesh aperture for screening of openable parts to doors and windows up to BAL-29 conditions.
Wide Product Range
Vision-Gard™ Security Screens are primarily designed for front door security and privacy. However they are suitable for a wide range of residential applications including the following:

  • Hinged Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Security Window Screens

Choice of Stylish Colours
With Vision-Gard™ products, matching the colour to existing door and window frames is not a problem. All of our frames are available from your Vision-GardTM fabricator in a full range of powder coated colours along with anodised finishes.
Custom Built
All Vision-Gard™ products are custom built by your local fabricator, made to measure to suit your exact requirements
Key Features

  • Reduces the vision into the home.
  • Clarity of vision from the inside.
  • High corrosion resistance.
  • Aperture of less than 2mm meets
    bushfire requirements up to BAL-29.
  • Tested and passed Australian Standards.
  • Choice of retention systems.
  • Manufactured in Australia.
  • Part of a wide range of security andscreening solutions.





Please inspect all of our products because if you select more than one of our products there will be substantial savings passed on to you.